Welcome to my website devoted to Bisected 4 cents stamps from Danish West Indies. 

For many years I have been collecting Bisected stamp from Danish West Indies.

Since 2001 I have spent much time searching for such items, and I have also tried to find more information about the bisedted stamps. In maj this year I bought a collection and a completed a four-year review of uses of the bisected 4 cent stamps from Arnold Sorensen in USA 

This study material was complied primarily from iterms posted for sale on the internet - including stamp auction houses. The completed study consisted of 306 items with a breakdown of the postmarks with the dates, addresses, the number of inverted fremes and the number of iterms mailed to foreign destinations.

I then decided to publish most of my collection and knowledge from this study material via this website.

I have also decided that this website shall be an attempt to build up a database on Bisected 4 cents stamps from Danish West indies.  Therefore I need the help from fellow collectors who can support and add information for the site. So if You have any items related to this subject please send me scans and further information.

Tony Gade