Welcome to the website devoted to Bisected 4 cents stamps from Danish West Indies. 


This all came to be due to the effort of Tony Gade. Tony has been collecting Bisected 4 cents for many years and his vast collection was further expanded when he bought the Bisected 4 cents Collection of Arnold Sorensen - USA. I have now been so fortunate to be the new caretaker of Tonys important Collection and for that I am very grateful. I will continue to build and improve the Collection and put much effort into sharing all relevant info with you all - here on these pages.

I hope you enjoy this website dedicated to a very interesting chapter in the Danish West Indies postal history. The intention of the website is to create a database on the Bisected 4 cents stamps from Danish West indies.  Therefore I need the help from you fellow collectors who can support and add information to the site.

If You have any items related to this subject that you wish to share or part with please send me scans and further information. 


Ken Toftø

Feb 2020