The emphases on transit mail between the islands of St.Thomas and St.Croix has mostly centered on the St.Thomas til Christiansted route via the "Vigilant" but many other ships were used for carrying mail. There was an active direct ship route between St.Thomas and Frederiksted . These letters will only show St.Thomas and Frederoksted postmark and the cancels may have two days separation.

Printing 4 - St.Thomas (Tuesday) 27 January with Frederiksted (Thursday) 29 January arrival cancel.
The envelope was cut open and has a filing hole in te botton left corner. Som businesses would punch a hole through the envelope and content and hang it on a hook until the correspondence was answered. This may be commercial mail rather than philatelic.

Printing 2 - Frederiksted (Monday) 2 March with St.Thomas (Wednesday)4 March arrival cancel. Printing 2 stamps represent possibly 15% af all covers and are frequently self-addressed to the same people - this cover has a unique address for printing 2, and was cut open.