St.Thomas February 7 - 1903. Picture postcard properly franked with a 4 cents bisect to England (Isle of Wight) to pay the UPU 2 Cent rate. It was not accepted by postal authorities in England and the postcard was stamped “Contrary to Regulations 723” and postage due “2d”. Denmark had failed to notify England about the authorized use of bisected 4 cents stamps.

Most postcards having a bisected stamp had no messages and were philatelic. This cards appears to be non-philatelic.

Apparently, The postal authorities in St.Thomas failed to give advance notice to the Danish General Directorate of Post and the Universal Postal Union about the use of bisected stamps and mail with their valid use arriving in Denmark and England was charged postage due. After many complaints and an explanation to the public - the Danish postal authorities granted reimbursement upon request to those who had paid postage due. 

An example of a letter from Indenrigsministeriet from March 19 1903 - where the Postal authorities in København had granted Reimbursement.

Shipped from St. Thomas to Liverpool on 2x.01.03
Arrived at Liverpool on 20.02.03 -Distributed on 21.02.03
Refused by receiver maybe due to punishment postage (most likely)
Arrived at Liverpool return office on 21.02.03 - Arrived at London return office on 23.02.03
Returned for some strange reason via Korsoer (12.04.03) to St. Thomas. Arrived St. Thomas at 30.04.03.

Another example - but this is sent from St.Thomas on February 9.