Local non-philatelic Postcard having 2 cents postage paying the 1 cent rate. “Dear Frank Kind regards to self + wife. Very busy, will write next week. Best regards to George. Yours E. Kriger"


St.Thomas February 27, sent to Christiansted - backstamped Christiansted February 28.

The lokal postcard rate was 1 cent - but the St.Thomas Post office had depleted its supply of 1 cents from February 10 to Marts 1.

The DWI had not a 1 cent postal stationery card, at this time, so the bisected 4 cent stamp was the lowest denomination stamp avaiable and the sender had no choice but to overpay by one cent.

Only two postcards sent local with overpayment when 1 cent stamps was sold out  - have been recorded.




Postcard - St.Thomas Marts 16, 1903 -  sent local to a German Sailor on the ship S.M.S Vineta - in St.Thomas port. 

This postcard is not philatelic - it is sent in the period where St.Thomas post office had received 1 cent stamps - but the sender has chosen to send the postcard with a 1 cents overpaid.

In German reads:
6. 3. o3. Mein lieber Willi.
Auch besten dank für deinen schö¨nen Brief.
Ich hoffe bald dass du auch sobalt wie möglich mal wieder besucht.
Es grüsst hertzlich deine Liebste.
Ich freue mich immer wenn du komst.
Auf wiedersehen am Dinstag.