Christiansted (Bassin) and Frederiksted (West-End) are approximately 15 miles apart with Kingshill about midway between the two. Every morning two mule-drawn wagons carryind mail and passengers would depart both Christinasted and Frederiksted, and they would meet at or near Kingshill. The mules would be replacedwith fresh teams, the mail and passengers were exchanged between the two wagons and each would return to the post office it had departed from earlier. The mail turned in at Kingshill would have been carried on these wagons. During this pariod very little had a sender´s address, so mail from Kingshill is not identifiable. The mule wagons were replaced about 1910-1913 by the first automobile in the DWI.


THe study shows:

The use of Besected stamps at St.Croix  64/306 - about 20 %  (on piece 13 - Envelopes 51)

Envolopes only :

January ( ship mail)          1

February                         32

Marts                              11

April                                6

May                                  1

June                                0


The table shows here, the first month February was 62%. The bisects could by used at St.Croix from Februar 11 to June 4. None have been used in June, and only one in May.